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Siemens Mobile Control Siemens Mobile Phone Tools for Windows

Siemens Mobile Control – Phone manager for Siemens phones
Siemens Mobile Control (SiMoCo) is an application for communication between your “Siemens” mobile phone and computer.

He offers you a whole range of powerfull features which you, till now, could not use or using this features on your small mobile keyboard was very hard.

With this tool, editing your mobile phonebook, working with SMS messages, appointments, logos, ringtones, exchanging data with MS Outlook, setting call diverts, call barrings or mobile locks is so easy.

Here are some key features of “Siemens Mobile Control”:

· displaying phone technical information
· control of basic functions (call, hang up, volume, melody, vibrator, sound off, keyboard lock, handsfree)
· indication of receiving call number, reply/reject of the call
· displaying and editing of phonebooks (SIM, SIM fix, device) and addressbook, print, backup to file, restore from file, displaying all lists in one window with “drag and drop” potency, export/ import VCARD in addressbook
· writing and sending SMS with possibility of property editing
· encoding, validity period, request status report, flash, long message (divide to max. 5 SMS)
· multicast SMS (one SMS to a group), groups archiving
· displaying and editing of SMS list in SIM and device memory
· support of EMS standard (concatenated messages, predefined anima-tions and sounds, user animations and sounds, pictures). Sending and receiving of EMS messages is enabled also with MT, which hasn’t this standard implemented (more in file EMS.txt)
· automatic archiving of received and sent SMS, including EMS parts
· export SMS to CSV file, saving of SMS text to file
· indication of new incoming SMS in a window or advice by a tray icon
· access to flexmemory – file transfer between mobile and computer
· displaying and editing of organiser with the daily schedule
· full support of national characters (SMS and phonebooks UCS-2, addressbook and organiser UTF-8)
· displaying of nets informations – available nets, preferred nets, operators, editing of preferred nets
· sending of logo and screensaver from BMP or GIF file
· delete logo and screensaver
· logo editor
· sending own melodies from MIDI files to max. 5 user positions
· melody editor in iMELODY format, possible save melody as .txt (for archiving), iMELODY (for sending EMS) or MIDI (for uploading the own ringtone)
· setting of call-forwarding and locking
· synchronisation of MT date/time with computer date/time
· sending of DTMF tones and strings (e.g. telebanking)
· remote control of MT (emulation of the button pressing) – only if MT supports the command AT+CKPD
· service menu activation (unwarranted – see history.txt)
· possibility monitor the communication between program and phone in the terminal window, possibility own entering of the AT-commands


· 30 day trial

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