448 Bit Marx Encryption Encrypting Security for Windows

One of the strongest encryption programs available as freeware
Marx 448 Bit Encryption is designed around the Blowfish Encryption Algorithm and the Tiger Hashing Algorithm. Both algorithms are in the public domain and have been tested time and time again. To date, no known weakness has been publically demonstrated.

Unlike some products, Marx 448 Bit Encryption v2.0 always uses a full strength key. This key length provides greater protection from brute force attacks by having a number of combinations that is 2.1×10^96 times stronger than a 128 Bit key.

Marx 448 Bit Encryption v2.0 also comes with a built-in secure file deletion utility. Developed from scientific research papers on secure file deletion of magnetic media, Marx 448 Bit Encryption v2.0 is as secure as any software solution gets.

Here are some key features of “448 Bit Marx Encryption”:

Key/IV Generation Depth
· Symmetric ciphers, such as Blowfish, require the same key to encrypt and decrypt data. Thus, for a given passphrase the derived key will always be the same. By altering the value of the Key/IV Generation Depth a different derived key is obtained. Valid values are 1-100,000,000 providing 100 million different possible keys for a given passphrase. The default value is 102,400. Larger values require more processing time.

Secure Deletion Method
· There are two methods provided by Marx 448 Bit Encryption v2.0, Zeros and Random Values. Zeros overwrites the file with the number zero, whilst Random Values will overwrite the file with pseudo-random data. Random Values require more processing time than zeros.

· This option determines the amount of times that a file will be overwritten. Valid values are 1-99. The default value is 10. Larger values require more processing time.

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