96Crypt Encrypting Security for Windows

EnCrypt/DeCrypt files & FOLDERS from several Sources-Disks-Folders at same time
96Crypt features several worldwide trusted EnCryption algorithms such as: 3DES, Blowfish, MARS, RijnDael-AES, SERPENT, Twofish.

A selection of the STRONGEST available HASHers is used to process your password: HAVAL, MD5, RMD, SHA-1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512, TIGER.

The password used for EnCryption/DeCryption is calculated based on a text that you type or a file that you select. After several rounds of HASHing / SALTing the entered or selected password, the result key will be used for EnCryption/DeCryption.

A New Mouse-Right-click plug-in provides fast and simple access to all the 96Crypt’s functions like EnCryption, DeCryption, CRC & HASH checking.

Simply right click on any file or icon in your Windows Explorer or on your desktop and select the desired 96Crypt function found under the “Send To” section.

With the new compression scheme, EnCrypted files are even smaller.

Powerful file shredder destoying file’s content, size, date and removing all its clusters avoiding leaving defragmented clusters.

96Crypt provides as well an easy to use CRC16/CRC32 and HASH checker of any file or any hand-typed string. Save and print all the file’s CRC16 / CRC32 or HASH results.

Here are some key features of “96Crypt”:

· Simple, friendly and fast Graphical User Interface for files & FOLDERS selection.
· File’s Mouse-Right-click plug-in providing fast and simple access to ALL 96Crypt’s functions.
· EnCrypting/DeCrypting files & FOLDERS from several Sources-Disks-Folders at the same time.
· EnCrypting/DeCrypting files from CDROM/DVD.
· Optional enhanced compression scheme reducing size of EnCrypted files & FOLDERS.
· Sending Encrypted files by E-Mail.
· Powerful file shredder destroys the file’s content, size, date & clusters!
· Sorting in Ascend/Descend mode of all viewing lists.
· CRC16 / CRC32 Checker-Modifier of any file or any hand-typed string.
· HASH Checker of any file or any hand-typed string.
· Saving or Printing CRC16 / CRC32 or HASH results.


· At least 500MHz Intel Pentium processor or equivalent.
· 64MB of RAM or more.
· 8MB Hard disk space or more.
· 1024 x 768 video resolution or larger.
· 32,000-color video or more.
· Internet Explorer 4.0.1 or later.
· Internet connection.


· 30 day trial period, or 30 start-up per day.
· The CRC16/32 file modifier is disabled.

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