AB System Spy Keylogger Monitoring Security for Windows

AB System Spy records any activity on your computer
AB System Spy will allow you to record and log all the activity on your computer.The log file can be saved in TXT or HTM format. It will record all the keys pressed, pastes from clipboard, all the running processes.

A scheduler, a screen capturer and an automatical sender of logs through e-mail are included. If you save the log in HTML format, it will be added a link to the saved image so you can easily browse it.

You can capture all the desktop or only one window. The picture of the window can be saved as BMP or in JPG format. You can choose the JPG`s quality. You can capture the screen when a new window got focus or at fixed time intervals.

For logs in HTML format, in order to make it very easy to understand, the colors of the fonts are different. You can protect the access to this software with a password.

The application can run minimized in SystemTray or, if you want to be invisible, in Stealth Mode. You can choose to launch it when Windows is loaded in one of the modes above.

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