ABCxyz Encrypting Security for Windows

Will protect the information from unauthorized access.
ABCxyz is tool that makes is easy to manage personal information and files. ABCxyz uses advanced encryption techonlogies to secure the personal information and provides an easy to use tool to access the information.

Encryption is the process of obscuring information to make it unreadable without special knowledge. This helps protect the information from unauthorized access and helps to prevent identity theft and other criminal use of the information.

ABCxyz will encrypt your valuable information so that it can only be accessed by using a password that you assign.

Here are some key features of “ABCxyz”:

· encrypt simple text like account numbers, passwords etc.
· encrypt any file such as word documents, pdf documents, images etc.
· ABCxyz has an intutitive, easy to use interface
· drag-drop feature makes it to easy to encrypt files
· open files directly from ABCxyz. No need to extract and then view
· Export/Import to excel


· 30 days trial

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