Accent Excel Password Recovery Decrypting Decoding Security for Windows

A software which will help you recover lost passwords for Microsoft Excel spreadsheets
“What is that password?” – you think and start falling into despair. Cheer up! Accent Password Recovery will recover the lost password and you will be able to work with your spreadsheet again.

Accent Excel Password Recovery is a friendly and easy-to-use software that features a wide range of effective password recovery tools.

Accent Excel Password Recovery can employ three methods of password recovery:
Here are some key features of “Accent Excel Password Recovery”:

· Brute force attack. The program tries all passwords matching the specified criteria one by one until it finds a valid password. This is the most reliable but also the slowest method (it may take years to recover the correct password).
· Mask-based attack. In fact, this is also a kind of brute force attack, but the number of passwords the program must try is sufficiently smaller due to the use of a mask part of the password you remember for sure. The program will try all possible passwords that include the mask. This method is sufficiently faster than the brute force attack, but you must remember some part of the password to be able to use it.
· Dictionary attack. If you used some common word or word combinations as your password, chances are it is included in the password dictionaries you can find on the Internet (you can download one of them at the Accent Excel Password Recovery Web-site).
· Accent Excel Password Recovery tries all passwords from the dictionary until it finds a match. This is the fastest password recovery method.


· Unregistered versions do not recover passwords longer than 4 characters.
What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· the program behaviour during search for password and the editing process in Microsoft Excel has been modified;
· the algorithm of VBA password recovery has been improved.

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