Access Password Recovery Decrypting Decoding Security for Windows

Recovers any types of passwords in any encoding: numeric, alpha-numeric, ANSI and Unicode passwords for any version of MS Access
Access Password is very powerful utilitily for sysadmins, security officers and all that have problems with MS Access database security.

Access Password is able to recover any type of passwords, user-level accounts and user IDs.

Full Unicode support and the ability to recover security data for any version of MS Access from 2.0 to 2003 as well as any other Jet Database makes Access Password unique tool for anyone who use MS Access.

Access Password easily handles with this protection recovering your password in a moment. AP recovers any types of passwords in any encoding: numeric, alpha-numeric, ANSI and Unicode passwords for any version of MS Access from 95 to 2003.

User-level security is used to give many users different permissions to the same objects (tables, reports, queries, etc) in MS Access database. User has to authenticate himself with a user name and a password pair.

Information about workgroups and accounts is stored in the workgroup information file also known as ‘workgroup database’ or ‘system database’: *.mdw, *.mda” (usually ‘system.mdw’).

Access Password easily recovers user-level security accounts (name/password pairs) from workgroup databases (*.mdw, *.mda, *.sdw) out of MS Access version 2.0 to MS Access 2003.

If workgroup information file (*.mdw, *.mda) is lost or corrupted, or Admin account doesn’t have access to all database elements (or even can’t open database) – you can fix this situation using that fact that you can recover owner’s user IDs.

User ID is requested during user creation and used in user-level model to distinguish users with the same name from different workgroup files (*.mdw, *.mda). You have to use the same user name and the user ID to recreate user account to be able to access database with this account. This is the real work for Access Password.

Access Password is able to recover user name / user ID pairs from any user-level protected database (*.mdb, *.mde, etc?) including Unicode and for any version of Access from 2.0 to MS Access 2003.

Since MS Access 2003 passwords, user names and user IDs are stored in Unicode encoding. We proudly acknowledge you that Access Password is the ONLY program which deals with Unicode passwords, names and user IDs in MS Access. This ability removes all limits to open MS Access database regardless of protection. Access Password will help!

Here are some key features of “Access Password Recovery”:

· Recovers any database passwords (*.mdb, *.mde, ?)
· Recovers user-level accounts and passwords from workgroup files (*.mdw, *.mda)
· Recovers passwords from Simply Accounting Security files (*.sdw)
· Recovers database (*.mdb, *.mde, ?) owners names and IDs when workgroup file (*.mdw, *.mda) is lost or corrupted
· Enumerates all database objects (Tables, Reports, Queries, etc…) with objects’ owners information.
· Supports All MS Access versions from Access 2.0 (win 3.11) to MS Access 2003
· All passwords, user accounts and IDs are recovered instantly
· Full support for Multilingual and Unicode passwords, names and IDs
· Easy to use and user friendly interface with full-scale log system
· Help system with examples on how to use this tool


· Just 700 Kb on your hard drive


· Recovers only 3 symbol from the password

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· Save results to csv file

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