ActMon Computer and Internet Monitoring Keylogger Monitoring Security for Windows

Desktop security monitoring tool to track abuse PCs easily and invisibly
ActMon monitors all activities on computer systems including applications, keyboard, passwords, chat, email, and visited websites. Unique features include:

(1) Most powerful keyboard logger: So powerful, it even logs the keystrokes typed during the
Windows 2000/XP login.
(2) Tamper-proof with unique file protection: *NO* windows software (including so-called
spyware tools) can find its files.
(3) Hidden: ActMon does not show up in the system tray, taskbar, task list and not even in Windows Task Manager ‘Processes’ list.
(4) Secure: Everything (even the screenshots) are stored with strong U.S. government approved 256-bit AES/Rijndael encryption.
(5) Maintenance-Free: The only software of its kind with a true endless loop recording feature.

For remote surveillance of networked PCs, the PRO Edition can invisibly e-mail the activity reports world-wide or transfer the information inside a local network (LAN). Terminal server installations are supported.

Contains installation wizard for extremely easy setup and use. With ActMon you will know who is doing what on which PC, and you can,if you wish, even let them know you know! Too Good to be True? Check it out!

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