Advanced File Protector Encrypting Security for Windows

This application protects all your private files using the strongest encryption algorithms available.
Advanced File Protector is an application that implements some of the most secure and used encryption algorithms currently available.

Advanced File Protector was designed for an easy use and friendly user interface including some of the most common technologies available in Microsoft Windows, like Wizards, Drag & Drop support, Context Menu links and so on.
Here are some key features of “Advanced File Protector”:

· 5 of the most used and secure algorithms currently available including the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Rijndael and the private/public key algorithm RSA.
· Key sizes from 64 up to 1024 bits size.
· Usage of Physical Keys for the ultimate protection.
· Encrypt/Decrypt using single password.
· Creation of Self Extract/Decrypt archives to exchange without the need of Advanced File Protector in the destination system.
· Temporary file shredder to avoid recovery.
· Physical Key Disaster Recovery procedure.
· File Manager included.
· Drag & Drop and Context Menu support.
· Flash tutorials to help new users


· 21 days trial
What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Added a password protection on the interface
· Removed the limit of 5 minumum chars on the password policy.
· Added a check box on some dialogs to avoid been shown again.
· Added a new page on the options to select the dialogs to show.
· Changed the location of the data files to the application data on the user profile.
· Added a notification when the help file is not present.
· Added Rijndael with key sizes 128 and 192 bits
· Fixed the position of some messages to be centered with the parent window.
· Fixed a bug related to some files with the header very similar to files encrypted with version 1.0.1 of Advanced File Protector

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