Advanced Hide Folders Encrypting Security for Windows

Advanced Hide Folders ensures only authorized people can access sensitive information on your computer
Advanced Hide Folders is powerful security program that enables you to hide any number of files or folders.
Advanced Hide Folders is very useful to keep your personal data from others. What is more hidden files can be locked to prevent access to them via MRU feature (e.g. list of Most Recently Used documents in MS Office applications).

You have any files or programs that you don’t want to share with other or they contain financial and tax information, passwords, personal letters and emails, private images, and other confidential or personal data. But typically, computer files and folders have not security protection so the best way to protect them is to make files or folders invisible for another’s eyes.

Advanced Hide Folders makes hidden any files and folders (or whole program folder or even all computer disks).

Advanced Hide Folders allows you to select any folders (and sub folders with files) of your choice to protect as hidden files and folders. You can select any folders on your computer or drag-and-drop the desired folders from Windows Explorer into the Advanced Hide Folders window. In one mouse click the folders selected become invisible.

Once files or folders are hidden, it is impossible to find them, or access and remove any file. Unhiding files or folders is as easy as hiding them – just one mouse click and they are visible and accessible to you again. If program folder or whole disks are hidden, itself program or Windows will continue to work normally.

Here are some key features of “Advanced Hide Folders”:

· Any number of files and folders may be hidden at the same time.
· No one but you can access your hidden files or folders.
· Program does not modify file system structure.
· Hotkey and password protection for program start.
· Stealth Mode – program itself can be hidden.
· Advanced Hide Folders will hide any folders including Windows, Windows System folders and Windows partition root folders without damage of operational system itself (i.e. your computer will continue to work normally).
· Locking of hidden files to prevent access to them via list of most recently used files.
· Intuitive and easy-to-use user interface.
· NTFS, FAT32 and FAT file systems are supported.


· 15 days trial

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