Advanced ICQ Password Recovery Decrypting Decoding Security for Windows

Advanced Instant Messengers Password Recovery – recover lost passwords to ICQ accounts (stored in local ICQ databases, *.DAT).
Advanced Instant Messengers Password Recovery is a software that recovers login and password information (stored locally) for most popular instant messengers:

Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk, MSN Messenger, Excite Messenger, ICQ and ICQLite, AOL Instant Messenger and AIM Triton, AIM Pro, Windows Live Messenger, Microsoft Office Communicator 2005, Odigo, Trillian, AT&T IM Anywhere, T-Online Messenger, Match Messenger, Praize IM, ScreenFIRE, ACD Express Comunicator, Imici Messenger, Prodigy IM, PowWow Messenger, Jabber IM, Kellster IM, PalTalk, Indiatimes messenger, Miranda, Tiscali, Messenger, Rediff Bol, Sify Buzz, Devil, Tencent QQ, QQ (Africa Version), &RQ, Ipswitch Instant Messenger, Eighth Wonder Catax, Simple Instant Messenger, Vista IM, GAIM, Global-IM, Psi Jabber client, Messenger2, Picasa Hello, iWon, Blowsearch, MessageMate, Meca Messenger, Qnext, Bubbler (Five Across), InterComm IM (Five Across), Easy Message, QIP, Gizmo, MySpace IM, Exodus, Gadu-Gadu, Mail.Ru Agent, ScatterChat, Just Another Jabber Client, Maple Messenger, Pandion, IMVITE Messenger, Oyco Messenger.

Passwords are recovered instantly, multilingual ones are supported.

Advanced Instant Messengers Password Recovery can recover YOUR lost or forgotten password only, extracting/decrypting it from your own system (if such information is there, of course). So it cannot be used to crack somebody else passwords.


· 30 days trial
· An unregistered version only shows the passwords that are not longer than 3 characters.

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