All In One Windows Manager 2006 Encrypting Security for Windows

All In One Windows Manager 2006 – collection of tools to customize, maintain, and optimize your Windows
All In One Windows Manager 2006 is a very useful tool that Microsoft should have included with Windows.

Shred File/Folder:

Completely removes sensitive data from your hard drive so they
cannot be recovered or undeleted.
All In One Windows Manager used a very sophisticated shredding
algorithm which compliant with the
U.S. Department of Defense’s 5220.22 M standard.

Encrypt Files:

Encrypts your personal files and sensitive data quickly, easily and
securely using TwoFish, 256 bits, 16 rounds algorithm.
TwoFish is one of the strongest encryption methods available.

Cleaning Up Your Tracks:

Protects your privacy by cleaning the “tracks” you leave behind
(most recently used lists, document history, temporary internet files, etc)
, saving storage space and improving performance of your computer.

Startup Manager:

When Windows starts up, it automatically launches a number of programs for you.
The Startup Manager will let view, delete, edit and add startup entries.
The Startup Manager can help you to monitor and control programs
that are started automatically when you log in, like detecting
spyware or adware installed on your computer which windows starts
when you login,
The Startup Manager can also help you to speed up your system
by controlling the programs windows start automatically.

Recover Web Password:

Restores passwords saved by Internet Explorer/Outlook Express,
Such as passwords for protected site, passwords for Outlook Express,
auto complete strings and passwords on form.

Virtual Desktop:

Virtual Desktop provides you with the capability to switch between
desktops on your monitor as though you had separate monitors
(applications running on one desktop can not be seen from the others).

Virtual Desktop will create new desktops for you and let you to switch
between desktops quickly and easily.
Each of these desktops can display different windows and applications

Auto shutdown:

Automatically Shutdown, Reboot, or Log off the computer at schedule
time you specify.

Management & Enhancement (Tweaks):

All In One Windows Manager can help you change Windows
default settings, without you need to edit the registry.
Prohibit access to Windows Task Manager.
Prohibit access to Registry editor.
Disable the Right Click on the Desktop.
Prohibit Taskbar Context Menus.
Empty temporary internet files after closing all browsers.
Prohibit Windows from recording user tracking info.
Prohibit access to Windows Control-Panel.
Remove Add/Remove Programs from Control Panel.
Do not keep history of recent documents.
Remove Recent Documents from Start Menu.
Prohibit access to the command prompt.
Remove (Disable in Win98) Run from the Start Menu.
Remove Folder Security Tab.
Disable the option of closing Explorer windows.
Remove Frequent Programs List from the Start Menu.

User Hotkeys:

Defines a quick and easy way to open selected programs with

Hide Group Of Windows:

Lets you set a list of windows/programs you quickly want to hide with
a Hotkey pressing.
It can also be very useful when you want to hide several windows very
quickly, For example when your boss is coming.

Block Group Of Windows:

Lets you set a list of windows/programs you quickly want to close/block
with a Hotkey pressing.
very useful when for example, you want to block your children
to access certain program like kazzaa, or even to block Internet explorer
windows contains words you dont like.

Topmost Group Of Windows:

Lets you set a list of windows/programs you quickly want to “topmost”
with a Hotkey pressing.
(Topmost Window is a window/program that always stays on top of the
others windows).
This can be very useful when you have a lot of opened windows,
and you want that a specific program, like the calculator will stay
on top of the others windows.

Active Windows Settings:

Lets you manipulate the active window appearance and behavior by
Hotkeys pressing.
Disable Active Window.
Disable Active window X (close) button.
Topmost the active window.
Increase/Decrease active window transparency.


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