ALLESTA Firewall Security for Windows

Allesta Web Application Firewall provides a proactive application level protection through instant detection
Allesta Web Application Firewall provides a proactive application level protection through instant detection and prevention of attacks.

Allesta defends your web infrastructure against these threats by detecting and preventing the application level attacks.

Network firewalls or Intrusion Detection / Prevention Solutions protect against network layer attacks, they do little to prevent application level attacks that are used to exploit the vulnerabilities found in the enterprise web infrastructure.

Web application protection is much more difficult than detecting and preventing network level attacks. Because the combination of requests and responses in a user’s session varies through applications, so it cannot be defined in a generic way as it can be in a network level IDS/IPS system.

Allesta delivers application protection against classes of attacks with preconfigured rules and policies.
Here are some key features of “ALLESTA”:

· Allesta is a software firewall, featuring stateful packet filtering. Detailed rule definition to perform stateful inspection and protocol inspection of all outgoing and incoming Internet traffic. Rules can be defined between interfaces and/or IP addresses.
· Allesta’s complete filtering methods identify legitimate and illegitimate requests and to distinguish between them. Filtering methods used in Allesta includes: HTTP method, HTTP version, URL length, Header length, Header size, Presence or absence of particular header, Header contents, File type, General POST size, General POST contents, POST & GET payloads and query parameters, Parameter type, Parameter value, Parameter length, Parameter case, Parameter in message body, Character set (negative regular expressions), RFC compliance (header, request, and cookie), Invalid path traversal (../), Restricted methods (PUT, DELETE), and much more.
· Allesta connection limiting module is an application level connection limiting service. It counts connections from remote address to local addresses and blocks unwanted traffic by using predefined connection limiting rules. It’s possible to stop DDOS attacks by using connection limiting module. Allesta’s Connection Limiting Module provide clean Web traffic, improved management of network traffic loads. Allesta’s Connection Limiting Module lowers cost by optimizing speed and performance of your public site while providing protection against DDoS, virus, and other malignant traffic.


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