AMS active monitoring system Keylogger Monitoring Security for Windows

A.M.S can block websites, block software, block downloading files.
A.M.S. is Server / Client Activity Monitoring Software that records all the software that users run on their computer. It records all the websites that users visit. It records the files that users download from the Internet. It records the software that users install. It can also record users’ movements through their computer’s directories when using Windows Explorer.

A.M.S – active monitoring system software is composed of two parts – a Server and a Client. The Server software resides on one secure computer (usually the Network Server) while the Client software is installed and configured to run automatically upon startup on all the computers you wish to monitor.

A.M.S. – active monitoring system now makes it possible to monitor and report the activities of individual Users (including what Computer they were using) in ‘realtime’ over an entire network of Computers.

A.M.S. means that no physical human presence is now needed to monitor what activities Users are performing on individual Computers.

A.M.S. is suitable for Business and Education as each use A.M.S in differing ways.(Educational pricing available !)

A.M.S. is compatible with Thin Client technology as well as Microsoft & Novell Networks.

Here are some key features of “AMS active monitoring system”:

· Configuration
Runs on any type of network and the monitoring clients can run in stealth mode.
Client runs when computer boots up. User cannot disable client if network is secure.
· Installation and Rollout
A.M.S. has been designed for easy implementation in a network. Installation and configuration of the server should take about ten minutes (including reading the manual !) Several hundred clients can be rolled out in larger installations using ‘management consoles’ in a couple of hours.
· User Account Management
Users can have their account suspended and reactivated totally automatically by A.M.S. if they access too many flagged events.
Three levels of User Suspension are available with differing administrator determined periods for each available. Suspended users are unable to use any monitored computer on the network until their time has elapsed. Resetting of account earlier is permitted and performed by the Network Administrator.
Warnings can be displayed instantly on users’ computer when a flagged event has been detected.
· Automatic User Addition· Users are automatically added to A.M.S. when they log onto the network with their access level being set as a normal user i.e. full monitoring and control !
No need for additional work for Network Administrators to add users!
· Database
Uses SQL for database for greater reliability than ‘access’ type as used in others. (N.B. Microsoft SQL Server is NOT required for operation of A.M.S.!) Integrated Archive manager to maintain ‘current’ and ‘archived’ databases.
· Additional Resources· Access is provided from within the A.M.S. console to Remote Shutdown to remotely shut down (and restart a user’s computer) and Netwatch to see what files are open and by whom.


· Monitor Resolution – 1024 x 768 (Server Only)
· Microsoft or Novell Network
· Thin Client Compatible i.e. Windows Terminal Services & Citrix
· There is no minimum processor requirement.


· 30 days trial

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