Ap PDF Password Recovery Command Line Decrypting Decoding Security for Windows

This software will enable you to break PDF protection with just few comands.
The PDF Password Recovery software (the software) can be used to decrypt protected Adobe Acrobat PDF files, which have “owner” password set, preventing the file from editing (changing), printing, selecting text and graphics (and copying them into the Clipboard), or adding/changing annotations and form fields. Decryption is being done instantly.

Decrypted file can be opened in any PDF viewer (e.g. Adobe Acrobat Reader) without any restrictions — i.e. with edit/copy/print functions enabled. All versions of Adobe Acrobat (including 5.x 6.x 7.x , which features 48-bit,128-bit and AES encryption) are supported.

The standard security that is usually provided by PDF files consists of two different methods and two different passwords. A PDF document may be protected by password for opening (‘user’ password) and the document may also specify operations that should be restricted even when the document is decrypted: printing; copying text and graphics out of the document; modifying the document; and adding or modifying text notes and AcroForm fields (using ‘owner’ password).

Here are some key features of “Ap PDF Password Recovery Command Line”:

· Easy to use.
· Does NOT need Adobe Acrobat software.
· Set the document title, subject, author, keywords, creator to the decrypted PDF file(s).
· The rate of decryption is very fast.
· Supports PDF1.6 protocol (Acrobat 7.x).
· Removing restrictions on printing, editing, copying.
· Supports Adobe Standard 40-bit Encryption and Adobe Advanced 128-bit Encryption.
· Supports AES encryption.
· Supports metadata.
· Supports command line operation (for manual use or inclusion in scripts).
· Batch operation on many files from command line.
· It includes all of the features in PDF Password Recovery.
· It can simple to use like a DOS Command Line application
· Supports folder processing.

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