AquaCrypt Encrypting Security for Windows

AquaCrypt data encryption software allows you to encrypt any file on your computer, including graphics images
AquaCrypt data encryption software allows you to encrypt any file on your computer, including graphics images, any type of document (.txt, .doc, .ppt, .html, to name but a few), or even executable programs — using AquaCrypt’s built-in powerful Blowfish encryption, written by Bruce Schneier and considered to be one of the strongest encryption algorithms worldwide, used in over 130 commercial applications.

Once you select a file or files to encrypt, enter your chosen password in the Password box, then verify your password by retyping it in the Verification box beneath it.

After you press the Encrypt button to encrypt your chosen file(s), your file(s) will be replaced with a file of the same name, but with the added extension .blo — For example, myphoto.jpg would be renamed to myphoto.jpg.blo — and AquaCrypt’s yellow key icon will be placed beside that file.

AquaCrypt’s simple menu functions allow you to choose any file(s) on your computer to encrypt or decrypt, and remove any or all files from your chosen selections prior to encryption.

AquaCrypt also integrates itself right into the Windows shell — you can right-click on any file in any folder on your computer and select AquaCrypt from the drop-down menu to encrypt that file, or even several files at once.

AquaCrypt is the most powerful data encryption software you can buy for your personal privacy and peace of mind, keeping your sensitive data out of the hands of would-be viewers.

Best of all, you can try AquaCrypt for free with our 7-day trial!

Please note: You can only use AquaCrypt to decrypt a file once you have encrypted it. If you forget the password you used, there is NO way to recover your file(s) back to their original un-encrypted state. If you let your AquaCrypt trial expire and do not purchase the product, you will not be able to un-encrypt any files you have encrypted during the trial period. MoonLight Software assumes no liability for loss of data as a result of using AquaCrypt encryption.

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