Armor System Encrypting Security for Windows

Armor System5 – Professional, easy-to-use encryption program for serious users.
Armor System5 is designed to give you some of the most powerful encryption tools on today’s market.

Armor System5 comes loaded with 39 of the most secure and popular encryption algorithms the world has to offer. Protect your documents from other users, send email that only the people you select can read, and compose your own encrypted documents. You will be ultimately in charge of the level of security you desire.

Here are some key features of “Armor System”:

· file, text, and email encryption modules
· 40 industry standard encryption algorithms
· five encryption modes (CTS, CBC, CFB, OFB, and ECB)
· easy to use encryption parameters setup utility
· automatic passphrase based encryption key generation
· fast processing engine
· easy and user-friendly interface

File Encryption Module (FEM) :
· single or multiple (batch) file processing
· preserves or wipes original files
· the Clue utility (see FEM above)
· external file viewers
· build-in image viewer
· file(s) destination directory setup
· safe error handling
· parameter retrieval and setting system
· printable activity and error log for easy monitoring and archiving

Text Encryption Module (TEM) :
· build-in word processor
· encryption and decryption preview panes
· Email Probe utility (email retrieving client)
· email Clue decoder
· file handling routines
· processing speed analysis
· five text encryption formats
· smart document type detection

Email Encryption Module (EEM) :
· normal or encrypted email body
· encryption Clue utility
· multiple email accounts
· automatic email history archiving
· five email format modes
· compatible with most email servers


· RAM: 64Mb minimum, 128Mb recommended
· HD Space: 10 Mb of free disk space
· Resolution: 800×600 (16bits), 1024×768 recommended
· Peripherals: mouse or other pointing device


· 30 days trial

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