ArtistScope CD Encrypting Security for Windows

ArtisCD will encrypt and display web style content on any Windows PC
ArtisCD will encrypt and display web style content on any Windows PC. Now you can use your web site as a catalogue that users can download and explore offline. Delivered as an encrypted archive, the CD content cannot be easily extracted. Used in conjunction with Copysafe or Secure Image Pro, you have the perfect solution for distributing catalogues of protected images and pages.

ArtistScope CD is an password protect content viewer and encrypter.

ArtisCD is extremely simple to use and just a matter of selecting the folder containing your content, nominating a password (if required) and nominating an expiry date (if time limit is required). Then you copy the new archive to your CD or you send it out to clients by email or web site download. To publish an entire web site, all you have to do is create a new folder containing your site content, and then modify your links to use ‘index.html’ as your home page. Almost any type of content can be encrypted including html, txt, docs, xml, images, Pdf, etc.

Here are some key features of “ArtistScope CD”:

· Encrypted archive functional to 600 Mb
· Supported in all Windows browsers
· View web style content while offline
· Password protect option
· Set expiration time option
· Runs from an exe file executable from autorun
· Supports Copysafe and all other image protection systems

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