Auto Keylogger Keylogger Monitoring Security for Windows

Monitors conversations, passwords, internet activities, by recording keystrokes
Auto Keylogger will record everything entered from the keyboard to an encrypted file.

Documents, e-mails, chat conversations, typed URL addresses, passwords, Internet forms, etc will be recorded neatly. Caps, symbols, backspaces will also be processed, so you will see the recordings as similarly as the original documents.

It runs stealthly, it will be invisible to the users, so the users won’t know that their keystrokes are being recorded. It is easy to install and manage, all you need to do is press the “View Log” button and you can see the typed keys!

You can also select the date range and what kinds of keys are to be visible in the log display. The program also records start time, username and the window title. Hidden passwords (**** marks) will also be recorded.
Here are some key features of “Auto Keylogger”:

· Easy to use, even for novices
· Works stealthly
· Integrated user interface
· Logs normal and special keys, active usernames, window titles, date and time, etc.
· Easy-to-read log files, with rich formatting, savable to RTF or text files
· Customizable log viewing options, including date and key filters
· Starts automatically with Windows
· Uses less than 1% of CPU power, you will not notice that it is running


· Limited to 20 uses
What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Uses setup installer program
· Fixed bug: double backslashes in log causes the log to end prematurely
· Fixed bug: log is shown uncompletely
· Text viewer can be resized
· Can save text to RTF format
· Decoding specific date is significantly speeded up
· Fixed bug: the first text occurence for specified date is not shown

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