Automatic Screen Recorder And Monitor Keylogger Monitoring Security for Windows

Recording and monitoring all operations on your screen day and night
Automatic Screen Recorder And Monitor is a professional screen recording and monitoring utility. It wills automatic record all the changes on the screen, generate recording file which can play by itself, and also can playback easily. You can record and monitor all operations on your screen day and night.

Automatic Screen Recorder And Monitor has very powerful self-configuration functions, it can set recording time, setting the hard disk using strategy when there is no space it will delete the oldest file automatic.

Automatic Screen Recorder And Monitor only records changes of the screen and also uses high compress arithmetic in order to make the recording file very small. This software uses a little bit system resource, it won’t affect system running. In addition, this software has password control function, without password can not open the software.

Here are some key features of “Automatic Screen Recorder And Monitor”:

?· Support different display color settings, from 256 colors, 16bits colors, 24bits colors, to 32bits colors; and different screen resolutions. Screen color and resolution settings are allowed to change during recording.
?· Support automatically recording at PC power on and stopping when shutdown.
?· Tolerable for unexpected PC hang or Power off. Damaged files can be repaired.
?· Software can be password-protected. Cannot open the software without a password.
?· Recording file can also be password-protected. Cannot play the exe recording file without a password.
?· High compression rate. Only a small recording file is generated.?
?· Smart harddisk usage strategy. Two Options are available for harddisk-full issue, delete the oldest file or stop recording.
?· Various record activating options. The software can be set to be activated at, a constant time span, special user logging in, or special software running.
?· Flexible and friendly playing control.
?· Less system resource required.
?· Portable recording files. The file can be played in other computers without this software.


?· Shows a “Welcome” window when open the main window
?· A line of reminder “Automatic Screen Recorder & Monitor Unregistered” on every recorded frame
?· Performs NO MORE THAN 3 hours recording per day

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