BDV DataHider Encrypting Security for Windows

BDV DataHider – hides information by packing it into a bitmap
The BDV DataHider application was designed with one thing in mind, and that is to help people to achieve the task of hiding their confidential information with the utmost confidence that their important information shall never be compromised in any way, or form.

The BDV DataHider is a menu-driven programme that allows one to select either one of three methods. Those options are simply, hiding your confidential information within a text file, or in an image file, and finally in an audio file of your choose; or just hiding your confidential information in a floppy diskette for ease of transportation, and portability.

Simply during the deployment of the BDV DataHider, you will be prompted to select your preferences of your hiding place. The BDV DataHider does the rest of the work for you professionally, and effortlessly. With that level of ease of use, and confidence that the BDV DataHider would offer you, it would be in your best interest if you were to spend your precious time with the activities that interest you most – rather than constantly worrying about your confidential information getting compromised by the un-savoury people!

Here are some key features of “BDV DataHider”:

· Data encryption with password protection;
· Hiding encrypted data in images (ie, stenography);
· Hiding encrypted information in files of any format;
· Hiding encrypted data on a floppy diskette (the built-in “Secret Diskette” feature);
· Simple text editor that would allow you to create/edit any text that you wish to quickly hide; but, forgot before.


· 10 file limit

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