BladeBox eXtreme Personal Encrypting Security for Windows

BladeBox eXtreme – the software solution for data security that allows you to protect your data with encryption techniques
BladeBox eXtreme is a tool for data security that allows you to set protection on your data by applying sophisticated encryption techniques.

BladeBox uses the well-known and ultra-secure AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), this symmetric encryption algorith is currently believed to be the highest security standard, and it guarantees an optimum level of security and privacy..

So restricted information or data are protected against every unauthorized access. Even the use of low-level recovery softwares can do nothing to recover data saved inside BladeBox virtual disks.

Furthermore, BladeBox eXtreme features some advanced and intelligent techniques like dynamic size of container-files, the ability to completely hide container-files and a true application firewall that lets you decide which programs should be able to access your sensitive data.

Here are some key features of “BladeBox eXtreme Personal”:

Advanced security
· It protects users’ privacy by encrypting data so that nobody without the proper password can access them
· Encryption is based upon the AES algorithm, the most advanced symmetric encryption standard
· Virtual volumes are formatted with LXFS (Liveye eXtreme File System) a new and structurally secure file system
· Real-time in-memory encryption and decryption, BladeBox eXtreme does not create temporary files on disk so it does not leave traces of unencrypted data
· The HideBlade technology can hide your container file even if the computer is booted in safe-mode by an Administrator
· The AppBlade technology implements a true application firewall that lets you decide which programs can access the contants of your virtual drive

Ease of management
· Every procedure is assisted by a handy wizard that simplifies most complex tasks
· The SizeBlade technology allows you to create dynamic size volumes, the container files grows and shrinks when needed, no more wasted space on your hard disk!

Ease of use
· Virtual volumes are presented to the operating system as if they were actual physical disks
· A virtual volume can be mounted and unmounted by a simple click of a button


· Pentium or higher CPU
· Min 30 Mb free hard disk space
· Min 128 Mb RAM (256 recommended)
· Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista


· 15 days trial

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