Blancco Data Cleaner Secure cleaning Security for Windows

Blancco – Data Cleaner+ ensures a 100% secure hard drive erasing with reporting
All-in-One solution for any data erasure and reuse needs: Blancco – Data Cleaner+ combines 100% secure erasure with extra value- added benefits.

Deleting and formatting do not erase data of your hard drive. High-speed erasure created by Blancco – Data Cleaner+ cannot be recovered with any existing technology.

BDC+ wipes all the data up to Confidential, Secret and Top Secret security levels. BDC+ covers all international standards and more. It meets and exceeds data security standards of US DoD4 5220.22-M.

Compatible with any up-to-date working hard disk and thanks to its own operating system, BDC+ can be operated personally whenever, wherever needed.

The user-friendly BDC+ is a stand-alone software that includes unlimited erasures for one PC/server (up to 4 ATA/IDE/SCSI/USB hard disks drives of any size), detailed Hardware Asset Management information report (i.e. details of processor, memory, hard drive etc.), Windows OS version & serial number detection & reporting, MS Office version number detection & reporting, Hardware Functionality Test, and many more.

This application is available as media package, Preinstall service, network solution (LAN), and ASP.

Blancco – Data Cleaner+ offers 100% secure erasure with integrated hardware testing, automatic hardware inventory and reporting, all at once!

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