BullGuard Firewall Security for Windows

With full antivirus, firewall and backup protection, this software secures your PC
With BullGuard you can protect your PC from hackers and viruses. With full firewall, antivirus and backup protection, BullGuard secures your PC from the threats of the Web. BullGuard features full e-mail protection, no matter what e-mail-client you use.

The antivirus database is maintained and updated around the clock. Powerful scan engines ensure detection and removal of all the newest viruses. Also, all peer-to-peer applications such as Kazaa, and ICQ.

Anti-virus: The centrepiece of any serious PC security application, the Anti-virus application screens your e-mails, and scans your hard drives for viruses and malware. The BullGuard Anti-virus combines the highest update frequency in the business with a no-nonsense user-interface.

Complete anti-virus security – BullGuard checks for viruses every time you try to access a file. We block any infected file before it does any harm. BullGuard filters all possible virus access ways:

Internet downloads
Local files on your computer
Floppy disks
E-mail attachments
Network drives
On-line services
ZIP drives
Tape backups

E-mail protection – BullGuard secures Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Eudora, The Bat and all other e-mail clients that use the POP3 or IMAP protocol for fetching mails. All infected e-mails are blocked, regardless of the e-mail client used.

Our anti-virus database is maintained and updated around the clock. Our virus-lab is consistently among the first on the security market to protect our users from new virus attacks and to provide free tools to neutralize their potential damage.

Powerful scan engines, powered by award-winning Bitdefender and certified by ICSA Labs, USA, ensure detection of all known viruses.

Messenger and P2P Protection – All Peer-To-Peer applications like MSN, ICQ, Yahoo Messenger and Kazaa are protected.

Archive scan – BullGuard is able to scan inside all popular archive formats such as .zip and .rar.

Detects unknown viruses – Using a sophisticated pattern recognition system, BullGuard detects and warns you about unknown viruses.

BullGuard creates detailed scan reports that are easy to read and understand. If your computer has already been infected with a virus, BullGuard will guide you through the process of removing it.

Firewall – Being able to control the information leaving your PC is very important. Certain things, such as credit card information and personal information, should not be unwillingly shared. With the BullGuard Firewall you can take charge of your internet connection.

Online backup – Safety and convenience combined. Backing up your important files has never been easier. Not only can you customise the size of your backup drive to suit your needs – once uploaded, you can access these files from any computer connected to the internet anywhere in the world!
Here are some key features of “BullGuard”:

Antivirus – Give viruses no chance:
· Security updates every 2 hours
· Web filtering for proactive website scanning
· Increased rootkit detection capabilities

Antispyware – Keep your data personal:
· Ensures your online identity is protected
· Locates and removes all known spyware and adware
· Cleans files, registry keys and cookies

Firewall – Protect your PC from intruders:
· New Firewall giving you faster system speed NEW
· Prevents hacker attacks and keeps you safe
· 2-way Firewall protection

Spamfilter – Keep your inbox clean:
· New filters for improved Spamfilter performance NEW
· Improved phishing protection NEW
· Complete integration with Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird and Windows Mail

Backup – Easily secure your important files:
· Free 5 GigaByte online backup drive
· Encrypted file transfer and storage
· Access your online files from any computer


· 6 days trial unless you register for a 60 days trial

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