BZB Secure Notes Encrypting Security for Windows

BZB Secure Notes is a small database application where you can keep your sensitive information
BZB Secure Notes is a small database application where you can keep your sensitive information.

You create your own file with the structure that you need. Data file is encrypted and decrypted on the fly.

BZB Secure Notes uses a proprietary data encryption algorythm, which makes your data impossible to break!

It is a perfect choice for network administrators, managers and regular computer users!

Secure storage for sensitive information
· All categories stored in one encrypted file
· Strong data encryption makes is impossible to steal your data – file cannot be read without your password
· Your password is not stored anywhere in the program – only in your head
· Data can be easily manipulated – new categories and fields can be added on the fly!
· Backup and restore your data any time to keep a second copy of your data in a secure place!
· Securely store your passwords, login names, website access and credit card information and take it anywhere withou a fear of loosing it
Convenient and easy to use interface
· Secure Notes is easy to use – it has Excel-like interface
· Categories and data fields added on the fly!
· No learning curve for new users – install the program and start using it immediately
· Comprehensive help file is included
· Easy to use print capabilites allows you to have a hard copy of your sensitive data
Flexible database format and Backup/Restore capability
· BZB Secure Notes allows you to create up to 10 different categories of information
· You determine the structure of categories and fields you would like to have and to store
· BZB Secure Notes allows you to backup all you data into a single file
· You can restore your data from the backup anytime
Multi-user ready
· Unlimited number of users – each user’s data file is stored separately!
· Share the program with your family members or colleagues – everyone has personal login and password!
· Manage your users on the fly – update username or password any time
· You control creation of new user accounts


· 15 day trial or 30 uses

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