Camel Cypher Encrypting Security for Windows

Reliable encryption algorithms (Triple-DES and AES (RIJNDAEL)) will transform files to unreadable sequence of bytes.
Camel Cypher is professional encryption software for protection of your valuable data in files and folders. It is allow you to protect any files with secret information by password. Advanced encryption algorithms such as Triple-DES and AES (RIJNDAEL), will faultless and efficiently hide your data from foreign eye.

You can encrypt just single file, whole folder or selected files. It can be done by just single click in context menu of your file manager (Explorer or other).

All the functions can be accessed from the context menu, so you won’t need to launch it separately.

Here are some key features of “Camel Cypher”:

· Protection of all file types with 128 bit password.
· Quick access to program functions through Windows context menu
· Password manager – repository with passwords. Each password has name and tip. Password never displayed on the screen.
· Reliable encryption algorithms (Triple-DES and AES (RIJNDAEL)) transform files to not readable sequence of bytes
· Administrator password for access to settings and password manager
· High encryption speed
· Support very big files (like movies, etc.)
· Files andor folders encryption directly in Windows explorer or other file manager.
· Easy settings and intuitive interface
· Optional report – contains list of all completed operations with information about every file


· 30 days trial period

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