CD Explorer Utility Encrypting Security for Windows

A group of two programs which the safe-keeping personal data and or sensitive firm information
What is CD utility?

It is a group of two programs which the safe-keeping personal data and or “sensitive” firm information.
The reason why I decided upon this program is the following: each of us has software CDs, music, films or other personal files that need to be kept away from the others’ indicreet eyes among us.(whether they are friends to whom we willingly or by mistake lend these CDs or there are people who show up unexpectedly to control and verify CDs).
Instead of finding illegal software or “sensitive” personal files they find a list of files that looks like that: fis1, fis2, fis3?fis237 and a program, CD Explorer with three additional files. If they initiate the program they will be asked for a password. Without it they won’t be able to do anything with the CD and you get away with it (neither fines, nor anything else) and you information will be safe. Its use is very simple and it doesn’t take advanced knowledge of computer technology. If you still come across any problems when using it, follow the steps below. For more details send an e-mail to to me at [email protected] Momentarily the program is under freeware or beer-ware conditions. For suggestions, claims or other good thoughts, you can write to the above-mentioned address.

This group is formed of:

1.CD Explorer ? Build program

Its role is essential: it creates cryt folder, file, group of files with the purpose of being safe-kept (on CD, optic disk, backup HDD). The way to achieve this is very simple: you choose files (by drag-n-drop), you choose a password and the files are processed. In the end, the destination folder will contain a list like this: fis10, fis11, fis12 etc.and 3 configuration files + the second program (Cd Explorer ? View program) that will enable you to visualise that list of files. And this list is ready to be put on CD.

2.CD Explorer ? View program

It has the role to visualise the list by the original names of files after introducing the correct password. After checking the password and displaying the list by the original names of the files, these will be copied on a space on HDD. After copying and decrypting the files, it will become possible for you to view them or launch them in running or any other operation you can do on files.

The best part of these programs is that the password/s isn’t/aren’t even saved. The crypt/decrypt operations are made by HASH to the password HASH created with one of the HASH algorithms chosen by the user. And this is a one-way operation: that is you can make HASH from the password, but you can’t get to the password. So, if you forget the password, the possibility to ever be able to decrypt those files equals 0. Especially that neither HASH is saved.

In conclusion the degree of safety of this program is very high.

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