CDXESafeFile Encrypting Security for Windows

Create secure, encrypted, password protected, self-extracting files with CDXESafeFile
With CDXESafeFile sensitive information can be transferred safely and securely via email or the internet.

Unlike other encryption products, CDXESafeFile does not require your recipient to install special software or download encryption keys from the internet. Everything needed is included in the file itself.

Why do you need to encrypt your files? On a daily basis information, sometimes sensitive information, is being exchanged by a variety of methods such as:

· Accessing files using shared LAN servers
· Placing data on a floppy disk or portable drive
· Transmitting data across a network
· Transmitting data across the internet via email

In all these cases the data can easily be intercepted by an unauthorized third party. This can cause serious damage or liability to your business if the information is sensitive or confidential.

CDXESafeFile will offer you a 128 bit AES encryption algorithm that is used to secure your data. Prior encryption standards such as DES can be easily broken with a typical computer taking just seconds to break a 56 bit DES password key. This same computer would take a nearly incalculable number of years to break the encryption with an identical password in CDXESafeFile.

CDXESafeFile not only protects your file but it lets you maintain a list of contacts and store a unique password and email address for each. The product will automatically create an email addressed to your contact with the encrypted file attached for Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express and most other programs.

CDXESafeFile is a complete application that isn’t limited by file size and has been tested on files over 1.0 Gigabyte in size.


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