cGeep Pro Encrypting Security for Windows

An encryption solution for everyone enhanced with many powerful features.
cGeep Pro is a powerful and easy to use encryption software loaded with various useful features.

The installation is automated. If you know your contact’s email address, cGeep will automatically imports your contact’s key! If you don’t know it, cGeep will provide you with a free access to our central directory.

You keep your regular email address in Outlook Office! You don’t have to buy or import any certificate, and there’s no key to manage. No manual operations at all either: one click in Outlook is all you need to encrypt / sign your emails and attachments. You and your contact do not need to agree on a password.
Here are some key features of “cGeep Pro”:

· Professional, automated installation.
· Software and documentation in French and English
· Support for the OpenPGP standard for encryption and digital signatures.
· RSA encryption with asymmetrical keys of 1024 bits & symmetrical keys of 128 bits in AES format.
· PGP encryption of the files on the hard disk, with no limitation of size and/or format.
· Plug-in pour Outlook Office 2000/XP/2003/2007.
· Sending of encrypted/signed emails with no restriction as to the number of recipients.
· Encryption of attachments in any format.
· Encryption of attachments with no restriction as to number or size.
· Encryption without password entry.
· Encryption of emails without sharing a password and/or secret with the contact.
· RSA digital signature of emails and attachments.
· RSA encryption key different from the RSA signature key.
· Unlimited free access to the cGeep Central Directory.
· Automatic import of contacts from the cGeep Central Directory.
· Use of cGeep without http connection to the Central Directory.
· Export of cGeep keys in OpenPGP format.
· Keyring storage location selection. (Example: USB)
· Private key Backup tool
· Multi accounts management.
· Passphrase changes.
· Cache Passphrase in memory.
· Symmetrical algorithm selection: Blowfish, AES 128/192256, CAST, 3DES.
· Selection of the size of RSA keys and extra long 4096-bit RSA keys.
· Choice of public key expiry date.
· Encryption of a directory as a single Zip type file in one go (right click).
· Encryption of a directory and sending to an FTP in one go (right click). For
· Wipe: Wiping of files for irreversible deletions
· Use and import of an existing external OpenPGP private key
· Outlook Office: Encrypted/decrypted storage of received messages option.
· Better security: your sensitive emails can remain encrypted continuously in Outlook Office.
· Provides effective prevention against the risk of PC theft.
· Outlook Office: Automatic decryption of received messages and attachments.
· Outlook Office: Extraction of received attachments in a dedicated directory outside Outlook
· Professional, priority support by email.
Outlook Office – Creation of cGeep encryption Rules:
· “Let me choose at each send”.
· “Always encrypt on sending”.
· “Ask me at each send”.


· 14 days trial

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