CheckQuota Lockdown Security for Windows

An application designed for monitoring file directories.
CheckQuota is the professional monitor program for directories. It will monitor directory size and sends alerts if a limit was exceeded.

It monitors directory size, sends alerts and locks write processes if a limit was exceeded. The main functions of CheckQuota are: Directory quota function:With CheckQuota it is possible to specify one or more users for your directories.

Then if the directory space comes over the limit all write processes will locked for the specified user. The user can read and delete the data, but it is not possible to copy new files or changing existing data in that folder. So a system administrator can control and stop increasing directory size.

When user deletes data, in order that the directory space comes under specified limit, the users gets all the write access back. Two step mail alert system: CheckQuota has a two step mail alert system. For example, in the first step you can notify that directory limit is reached soon.

Here are some key features of “CheckQuota Advanced”:

· Directory quota function
· Two step mail alert system
· File type blocking
· HTML status reports
· EMail status reports
· Runs as system service


· You need an internet connection


· 15 days trial
· nsg screen
What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Windows Vista support, x64 support, API interface, exclude files from quota, sorting, many more

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