CleverCrypt Enhanced Encrypting Security for Windows

Affordable Military Grade 1280 Bit Encryption Software
CleverCrypt Enhanced represents the latest generation of security products from Quantum Digital Security.

Create impenetrable encrypted virtual hard drives to store all of your confidential files in. CleverCrypt Enhanced provides more protection than ever before, with up to 1280 bit military grade encryption!

Simply create a secure hard drive and drag & drop your files for ultimate protection. Even if your whole computer (or laptop) is stolen nobody will be able to access information inside your CleverCrypt drive without knowing your passwords.

This is the ultimate tool for keeping private information secure.

CleverCrypt allows you to create a secure ‘virtual drive’, where you can safely place all of your sensitive files. A virtual drive is a drive that, although it appears to be a normal hard drive, is actually stored in a file on your computers real hard drive. So it is a drive within a drive, or ‘virtual’ drive.

The drive looks and works just like a normal hard drive, so you can create, edit or delete your files and folders just as you would on a normal drive. The difference, apart from the fact it is a virtual drive – not a physical drive, is that the CleverCrypt virtual drive is encrypted, which means that all the data is scrambled so only you can access it.

Technically, this would make the drive an ‘encrypted virtual container drive’, but to keep things simple, we simply call it a ‘secure drive’. The name ‘secure drive’ is what we refer to the virtual drives as in both this manual and the CleverCrypt program.


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