ClipSecure Encrypting Security for Windows

ClipSecure is a simple, secure, freeware text encryption utility
ClipSecure is an easy-to-use, secure, freeware text encryption utility that work with the Windows clipboard, and therefore can be used within any text-based program and most email clients.

ClipSecure uses many industry-accepted algorithms, including the AES (Rijndael) standard, to provide maximum security. Encrypt and decrypt text with one keystroke, or manually control every step of the process. File encryption is also supported.

ClipSecure was designed to be a small, fast, easy-to-use security solution for those (like me) who prefer to avoid the size and complexity of programs like PGP, and yet still have industry-strength encryption.

Here are some key features of “ClipSecure”:

· works with just about any application or source window that can process the standard windows clipboard shortcuts of CTRL-A (select all), CTRL-C (copy to clipboard), CTRL-V (paste from clipboard)
· compression prior to encryption
· choose hashing mode from:
· MD5, RipeMD, SHA1, SHA256, SHA512, Tiger
· choose chaining mode from:
· CBC, CFB8bit, CFBblock, OFB, CTR
· choose algorithm from:
· Blowfish, Cast256, MARS, RC6, AES (Rijndael), Serpent, Twofish, IDEA, 3DES
· configurable one-hotkey encryption and decryption, or control every step manually
· send decrypted text to source window, internal viewer, or program of your choice
· encrypts/decrypts plain or rich text
· file mode with secure file wiping for internal processes
· password manager (encrypted to file) for one-click password selection and individual cipher settings
· retain a session password
· ‘hardcore mode’ second-pass encryption
· user-specified config file — registry not used
· command-line options for silent, traceless operation

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