CommuniCrypt QuickSigner Encrypting Security for Windows

CommuniCrypt QuickSigner – secure your data exchanges and transfers with digitally signed files
Secure your data exchanges and transfers with digitally signed files! This is a tool for quickly digitally signing or verifying text or files with Public-Key-Encryption with RSA encryption algorithm (RSAES-OAEP).Key length for signing up to 7120 bit. Keys are compatible with CommuniCrypt Standard Edition.

You sign a file or text with your secret key, send this via LAN, Internet or mail and the other side can verify the authenticity of it with your public key. QuickSigner V1.0 is a more secure version of QuickSigner V0.9.

The older version signs directly the text or files with your secret key, this is not secure and takes longer on big files. The new version of QuickSigner generates a hash value of your text or file an signs this hash value with your secret key. This procedere is more secure and efficient. Unfortunately, this change is the reason why the signatures of version 0.9 and the signatures of version 1.0 are fully incompatible!

Here are some key features of “CommuniCrypt QuickSigner”:

· generates a 512 bit SHA-hash value of the content to sign
· signs this hash value with the selected or generatet private key
· key length may up to 7120 bit
· all keys are compatible with QuickSigner V0.9 and CommuniCrypt Standard Edition 1.x
· signatures and signature files are NOT compatible with QuickSigner V0.9

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