CompuSpy KeyLogger Connected Keylogger Monitoring Security for Windows

Record and monitor the user activty on a PC remotely
CompuSpy KeyLogger Connected is an intelligence gathering application, designed to capture all keystrokes and mouse clicks. CompuSpy KeyLogger Connected can be ran in Invisible mode or normal mode.

CompuSpy KeyLogger Connected runs quietly in the background, protect your loved ones, track your employees; this program is guaranteed to be safe and secure.

CompuSpy KeyLogger Connected will allow you to remotely monitor all the activity on a computer.

Here are some key features of “CompuSpy KeyLogger Connected”:

· Records every single keystroke entered by every user.
· Gathers punched in user names, passwords, access codes, web sites visited, instant messages, emails and more!
· Remotely and securely connect to the CompuSpy Connected server from anywhere. Use the same CompuSpy password remotely as you do locally! Security is key!
· Configure ports, IP address, router IP and more!
· Remotely send messages, clear log files, shut down the CompuSpy Connect Server and more!
· Save log files remotely.
· Literally watch PC activity in real time, watch as people type, click, change windows; you are the omnipotent viewer.
· Start up automatically when your computer starts up.
· Set to run in the background upon startup or regular.
· Set to record mouse clicks or disable mouse click recording.
· Record Window names and titles users working in or switching.
· Record user names, dates and times.
· Execute in either invisible or normal mode.
· 3 ways to name log files, daily, hourly or a simple one name log file.
· Directly view, clear the current log file from CompuSpy!
· Set log file destination, hide it wherever you want! They will never know you are tracking them.


· Pentium 500 or equivalent processor
· 256MB RAM
· 2-3MB Hard Drive Space
· Sound card and Speakers
· Ethernet Connection (or Internet) for Remote Monitoring


· 30 days trial
· nag screen

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