Computer Spy Monitor Keylogger Keylogger Monitoring Security for Windows

A tool for monitoring cheating spouse or unattended child.
Computer Spy Monitor Keylogger is a an application created to monitor your computer’s activity.

Computer Spy Monitor Keylogger is a professional stealth computer monitoring software that lets you know EXACTLY what others do on your PC while you are away; an invisible keylogger which allows you to secretly record all activities of PC users including every keystroke; and a covert surveillance spy software for long-term child monitoring or catching a cheating spouse.
Here are some key features of “Computer Spy Monitor Keylogger”:

· Capture screenshots.
· This computer monitoring software automatically captures screenshots of entire desktop or active windows at set intervals as a stealthy camera. You can also set active window title filtering. When you set some specified strings, the software captures accordingly the screenshots of these active windows which aren’t filtered. For the filtered active windows, their screenshots will not arise in your PC location which is used to save the captured screenshots; so you can save more space to do what you want to do.

· Logs all keystrokes.
· This invisible PC keylogger records all computer activity of the users including every keystroke. It monitors and records all latest versions Windows Live Messenger / Skype / MSN Messenger / ICQ / AOL Messenger / AIM / Yahoo! Messenger’s chat conversations. Of course, it can record all username and passwords as a keystroke monitoring software.
· Except for above two main functions, Computer Spy Monitor Keylogger is a user-friendly graphical interface program that makes it easy for beginners. And it is completely invisible to computer users – No trace in Add/Remove Programs, Start menu, Applications, no icons, and no shortcuts or other items.
· Computer Spy Monitor Keylogger is an effective spy tool for parents who want to keep track of their children’s computer activity or catching a cheating spouse.It records keystroke not only English characters, but also all the characters of the world, like Japanese characters, Chinese characters etc. Such monitoring is so secretly that the user won’t know its existence.


· nag screen
· 3 screenshots per session
· 500 bytes keystrokes per session

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