Concealar Encrypting Security for Windows

A software which hides your data with a password (using cryptographic & steganographic techniques) into pictures.
Concerned about your privacy? Or do you feel insecure about your data when it goes through this web? Or you just want to exchange messages with your friends without your network administrator poking in?

There may be many scenarios when you wish that you could somehow feel safe about the conversation you’re having. Well, here’s this little piece of software just for you. It can hide text into pictures & photographs.

Most of the steganographic softwares available on net creates noise in the original carrier file ( the image file) which may not be visible to the naked eye but steganoanalysis softwares can detect that noise. Others replace the least significant bit of the carrier file to make space for the data to be hidden but working of this software is different. Some softwares also need the original file with the crypted file to get the original contents back, but with this software there’s no need for the original file.

Here are some key features of “Concealar”:

· Employs both cryptographic & steganographic methods to protect your data
· Encrypts your data with AES (a.k.a Rijndael) which is adopted as an encryption standard by the U.S government
· Uses MD5 algorithm to hash the password
· The data is fused into the image and you get an innocent looking image & no one can tell if there’s anything hidden in it
· It does not create any sort of noise or loss of quality in the carrier picture so pattern finding & pixel mapping techniques of steganoanalysis do not work on this software
· The interface is clean & user-friendly with user just requiring a few clicks to get his/her job done
· Blink-of-a-eye speed with which all this gets done.


· .NET Framework 2.0

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