CryptDecrypt Encrypting Security for Windows

CryptDecrypt is a software designed for electronic data protection
CryptDecrypt is a very useful application that was specially designed for electronic data protection.

The files on your hard disk have no protection from unauthorized access. That means anyone who has access to your computer will be able to open these files and read the contents. CryptDecrypt allows you to convert your existing files to the encrypted files.

Encrypted files contain all the same data as before but it is unreadable until it is decrypted, i.e. converted to the original state. CryptDecrypt bases data encryption on a password that you select when starting the encryption process. CryptDecrypt includes several encryption algorithms to protect your data. These are AES which is USA Government Standard, Triple-DES, GOST, RC2, RC4 and Windows Data Protection API algorithms.

Strong encryption ensures that your information will not be stolen from your computer by hackers or viewed by anyone else but you. Note: if you forget your password then you will not be able to decrypt data and all information would be unrecoverable. This software has no backdoors.


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