Crypter Encrypting Security for Windows

Crypter – 448bit encryption with Blowfish
Crypter gives you the possibility to encrypt and decrypt your files with 448bit security (considered military grade). This small utility uses the highly regarded Blowfish algorithm.

Send your encrypted files by email, simply by encrypting and attaching. The recipient merely decrypts with a previously agreed password and another copy of this program.

Use crypter for making secure archives, but remember – if you loose the password, that’s it. No one, not even us, can recover your data.
Crypter will encrypt and decrypt any file that will fit into your system’s memory.

Blowfish is a relatively new 64bit block cipher. Invented by cryptographer Bruce Schneier, current implementations are available to 448bit keys It is several orders of magnitude stronger than DES. Fast and secure, it uses a ‘Shared Secret’ key.

This encryption utility is small enough (814k) that you can keep it on a floppy disk, and therefore use it anywhere; there’s nothing to install. Nothing complicated to learn.

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