Crypto Manager Encrypting Security for Windows

A simple application that can encypt any selected file.
Crypto Manager program is intended for fast encrypting of any user’s files. For this purpose, RC4, a high-speed on-the-fly algorithm of encrypting, is used in the program.

Crypto Manager allows to encrypt any taken file and to pass it safely to the other person, using the common ways (portable data medium, e-mail message, local area network, etc.).

Prior to the encrypting of any file, a key word is being set up; without knowing the password, it’s impossible to decrypt the file by means of any program or any other way. Crypto Manager gives you the ability to carry out encryption of multiple files with identical or different passwords.


· Intel Pentium or compatible processor
· 64 MB RAM or more
· 1.85 MB of free disk space


· 30 days trial

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