CryptoLab Encrypting Security for Windows

A cryptography software that incorporates text-based encryption / decryption
CryptoLab application was designed to be a cryptography software that incorporates text-based encryption / decryption through the use of plug-in cipher modules. Advanced features include SMTP email support, a Key Manager and pseudo-random key generation.

Here are some key features of “CryptoLab”:

· Plug-in cipher modules.
· Advanced pseudo-random key generation.
· Easy-to-use tabbed interface for text files.
· Key Manager storage utility.
· Full password protection (incorporating SHA-1 hashing algorithm).
· Integrated SMTP email support.
· PDF, HTML and Word Document export options.
· Statistics calculator.

Included encryption modules:
· Affine Shift
· Blowfish Cipher
· Caesar Cipher
· Data Encryption Standard
· Modular Shift Algorithm (by EJC Cryptography)
· Rijndael (American Encryption Standard)
· Substitution Cipher
· Vigen?re Cipher


· 512Mb RAM Recommended.
· Internet Connection for SMTP Email feature.
· Administrator Priviledges

NOTE: You must register the software to recive the unlock code

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