CryptoLock Encrypting Security for Windows

Crypto-Lock is a File Protector that allows you to restrict access to your executable files
Crypto-Lock helps you encrypt your files.

The password is not stored in the resultant file. The password you entered during encryption is processed with SHA-1 if it is less than 36 characters long.

The resultant key is then used to encrypt either part of the
file (minimum encryption) or the whole file (maximum encryption).

For both encryptions, the part to be encrypted is compressed first
to deter cryptoanalysis. With the random values used in CBC mode,
the encrypted file produced everytime is different for the same
original file using the same password.

The output of the Crypto-Lock will either be a self-decrypting file (SDF) or an encrypted module (*.pri). Think of Crypto-Lock as a secure safe that lets you carry sensitive information around and can be unlocked only with the correct password.

Crypto-Lock is written with 2 aims in mind:
1. To prevent unauthorised running of your programs (executable files)
2.To prevent unauthorised access to your other files

1.Crypto-Lock can encrypt your executable files and the resultant file will not run unless the correct password is entered. There are two methods of encrypting an executable file to choose from.

Minimum encryption:
Only the important area of the file is encrypted (ie. the PE header)

Maximum encryption:
The whole file is encrypted.

The reason why we have 2 encryption options is that the aim for this particular function is to prevent unauthorised access of your executable files and not for security. But if your executable is really sensitive, you have the option of fully encrypting it so that no one can use a hex editor to peek at your file.

Maximum encryption takes a longer time to encrypt and decrypt. So, use it only if it is really necessary.

(On PII 350MHz computer, a 5.45MB file took about 45 mins for the maximum encryption option to produce a 1.66MB file. But although it took a long time to compress, the time needed for decompression and decryption was about 2 seconds! )

Note: It is almost impossible to extract a working version of the executable file from a file encrypted with minimum encryption. And it took just 2 seconds to fully protect the file!

When the correct password is entered, the executable file is decrypted and then decompressed and will be activated. On exiting the program, the decrypted file will be written over before being deleted and thus, it will not be recoverable by conventional means. On computers with recycle bin protectors, the file that is recovered will not be the decrypted one.

2.Crypto-Lock encrypts your other files using only maximum encryption regardless of your choice. The reason is, in this case, security is the main reason why Crypto-Lock is used. The encrypted file will not be decrypted unless the correct password is entered. Since the file is not an executable, it will not be activated nor will it be deleted after decryption.

Here are some key features of “CryptoLock”:

· Drag and Drop
· Original file can be backed up
· Shell extension is available for the encrypted modules (*.pri)
· Decrypted executables are activated automatically and are overwritten and deleted after they are closed.

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