CryptoMailer Reader Encrypting Security for Windows

CryptoMailer is the fastest and most easy to use Encryption Tool you can get
CryptoMailer was developed to be the fastest and the simplest encryption application on the market. It is immediately operational and does not require any complex configuration or time-consuming key management.

File encryption must be simple and easy. You just need to select the files and right click to “Encrypt” menu option to secure all your confidential data. You will be asked for your password.

Becoming a key component to enterprise security, email encryption allows confidential data to be sent via email. Your confidential data can be financial books that you receive from your accounting firm or feed back on a strategic project you send to your lawyer firm.

TheGreenBow email encryption software is based on strong encryption algorithm (3DES or AES with 128bit key) and protected by an optional user password. Email encryption from TheGreenbow works with all email software (Outlook, Notes, Eudora).

CryptoMailer Reader decrypts all encrypted files or emails. It is completely free, it allows to read encrypted email from users who bought the full product.

Here are some key features of “CryptoMailer Lite”:

· Fast installation
· Very user-friendly (context menu, password list,etc…)
· File, email & text encryption
· File, email & text signature
· Secure emails for all email-clients (Outlook, Lotus, etc…)
· Fast email & file decryption
· Password automatic identification
· Passwords management
· Number of passwords managed – 64
· Import passwords
· Software access control

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