CyberGuard Encrypting Security for Windows

A complete set of tools to secure information and boost system performance
CyberGuard will benefit anyone who is concerned about privacy. It arms users with a powerful arsenal of tools for the rock-solid protection of sensitive information and speed-up of computer performance. CyberGuard has a wizard-driven interface and costs little.

CyberGuard application is great for sending confidential information over the internet. Its Encryptor module lets you encrypt a file using asymmetric encryption technology with a public or private key (the size of a key may be as long as 16384 bit). Not only does asymmetric technology encrypt information, it also compresses the content of a file, reducing it up to 3 times!

CyberGuard can help you protect your private information, speed up system and internet surfing experience by cleaning your browser history, cache, temporary files, Windows Temp files, recent documents list, find history, run history, recycle bin content, etc. CyberGuard ensures safe and secure shredding of folders or single files with the built-in Eraser module.

It permanently overwrites those files (in 1-35 passes), making them completely unrecoverable even for the most advanced recovery software. The erasing methods are based on the US DoD 5220.22-M (8-306/E and C), Gutman clearing directives. Another big specialty in CyberGuard is the Stenograph module. It is a great way to communicate to each other some secret information by embedding hidden messages inside graphic files.

It doesn’t alter the actual content or increase the size of the original file ? only 2 bytes are added. For your peace of mind, CyberGuard will encrypt files prior to embedding. CyberGuard can also create an encrypted hidden local disk or a ‘virtual safe’ that will work in much the same way as a safe in the physical world.

It’ll store the secret information in the encrypted form. When this ‘safe’ is closed, it becomes invisible to the system. The data is encrypted using AES 256-bit, AES 128-bit, TripleDES, RC4, Twofish and Blowfish.


· Maximal size of files for asymmetric encrypting no more than 100 kilobyte.
· Maximal size of files for the signature/verification no more than 50 kilobyte.
· Maximal size of files which can be removed without an opportunity of recovery, no more than 1 megabyte.
· Maximal size of a file which can be hidden in the image, no more than 25 kilobyte .
· Maximal size of the virtual encrypted disk no more than 1 megabyte.

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