Data Stash Encrypting Security for Windows

Data Stash hides your files easily with this steganographic tool with encryption and more !
Data Stash is a steganographic security tool.

Steganography is the Art of Hidden Writing, and Data Stash uses this technique to hide files.

A clever little security tool, Data Stash enables you to hide private data files within other files using steganography. Select a large bitmap or database file (or any file you’d like to use) as a receptacle, then add the data files you’d like to hide, via an easy drag and drop mechanism.

The receptacle file remains fully functional, looks and behaves similar to what it was before.

Password protection is also provided, using Blowfish encryption. This is useful if you wish to keep out certain files from prying eyes, under the disguise of a normal file. For example you can hide 10 sensitive Word document files into a picture file, and retrieve them later.

Opening the picture file would only show the picture image, and not the Word document files that are stored within it.

Here are some key features of “Data Stash”:

· Hide files within files (Steganography)
· Receptacle file remains fully functional
· Supports a wide variety of file formats i.e. .mpg, .jpg, .mp3, .exe, .com etc.
· Password protection using Blowfish encryption
· Fast operation
· Easy to use


· Up to 11 executions
· Hide up to max 3 files in one vault file
· Each stash file only up to 100k
· Can only drag and drop one stash file at a time (no multiple drag and drop)

What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Improved security

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