DCCExplorer Encrypting Security for Windows

You can use it to protect your files and folders on your USB disk and hard disk
DCCExplorer – You can use it to protect your files and folders on your USB disk and hard disk.

DCCExplorer ensures your security by using passwords to encrypt and decrypt your files.

DCCExplorer will also use Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm to encrypt and decrypt your data.

Here are some key features of “DCCExplorer”:

?· Don’t need to install, run on any computer which use Windows 98/Me/2k/XP OS.
?· Encrypt any files and folders very fast by just few clicks.
?· Don’t need to re-enter password when encrypt (use last password or default password)
?· Support file masks to encrypt. Encrypt (include) or not encrypt (exclude) only files that match the file masks you want. You can adjust file masks to each folder.
?· Compress your files with 9 levels when encrypt (zip level).
?· Save your encryption setting of each file or folder for the next encryptions.
?· Prevent using file recovery software to recover your un-encrypted files which was deleted by the software.
?· Drag and Drop from Window Explorer.
?· Save and open the list of your files which need to be guarded (encrypted).

What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Need password to start the software, this password is used to protect data which is created by the software.
· Check all files to be encrypted before close the list and software.
· Add option to stop saving encryption setting for the next encryptions.
· Change language (English, Vietnamese)

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