Deep Spy Keylogger Monitoring Security for Windows

A excellent solution for you specialize in computer spy and employee monitoring.
Did your employees work efficiently on duty? Or make good use of working hours playing games, visiting unrelated websites, even revealing the important commercial information or copying the files away?

Deep-Spy is professional application created for employee monitoring. It allows you to view all users activities on your computer, including Applications Usage, Windows Opened, Chat Conversations,Emails Sent and Received,Websites Visited,File Usage and more.

Deep-Spy contains two installing programs with the master terminal and the slave terminal.

The master terminal should be installed into manager’s computer, and then install the slave terminal into user’s computer which you want to monitor. The users will never become aware of being monitored for there is no any difference compared with the original.

Here are some key features of “Deep-Spy”:

· Chat Conversations: Monitor and log both sides all chat conversations on chat clients, largely supported AOL (including 9.0 and Optimized), AOL Instant Messenger, AIM Triton, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger (including 6.x, 7.x and 8.x), Excite Messenger, GoogleTalk, Skype, XFire, and ICQ.

· Website Visited: Monitor and log all the website activities on the computers by Internet Explorer,Netscape,Firefox,Opera,Maxthon,America online and more.


· Program Restrictions:It has the ability to help you restrict specific programs at slave terminal.

· URL Filter: It allows you to limit certain URL which the user can not visit,or specify some URL which the user can visit only.

· Port Block:Place restriction on some ports which can not be visited by user’s computer program.

· Devices Limit:Restrict specific storage or network devices.


· USB Storage Devices:Timely auto alert when USB storage devices insert or remove.

· Copy to USB:Timely alert as long as employees copy files/documents away with USB storage devices.

· Custom Alert: If necessary, you could enable the Custom Alert function as window title or process name with the restricted keywords put into operation.


· Remote Files Managerment: You can remote operate files/folders at slave terminal freely, such as view,open,cut,copy,rename,delete,upload,download and execute.

· Real-time Warn:You can send a warning message to any user while any unpermitted operation made by user.

· Lock Screen:If necessary, at any case, you have the power to lock up employee’s desktop,terminate all the user’s current operations.

· Emails Sent and Received: Log every email content and attachments sent and received.

· FTP Usage: Log every files uploaded and downloaded through ftp.

· Files/Documents Activities: Log all kinds of operation with files/documents, such as Create,Copy,Delete,Cut and Rename.

· Application Usage: Monitor and log all applications ran.

· Clipboard Logging: Monitor and log all copied text.

· Screenshots Capturing: Deep-Spy can take snapshots of user’s desktop at setting intervals of time, allowing you to directly see what is happening on the computer.

· Real-time Desktop: You could view employee’s current desktop just like what the employee see from his own computer.

· Multi-screen Monitor:You could not only see only one user’s current desktop,but with the Multi-sreen Monitor, you can also view as many as 4, 9 or 16 users’ current desktop.

· Current Windows Opened: List all the current windows opened, and you can close the user’s windows selectively.

· Current Processes Executed:List all the current Processes Executed, and you can terminate the user’s processes selectively.

· Internet Usage: List all internet connections, including the local host/port and remote host/port, and you can kill connections selectively.


· Cpu: 500mhz or higher


· 7 days trial
· nag screen

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