DF Encryption Pad Encrypting Security for Windows

DF Encryption Pad is a simple application that lets you encrypt and decrypt rich text messages using cut and paste
DF Encryption Pad is a simple (and free) program that lets you encrypt and decrypt rich text messages using cut and paste. DF Encryption Pad uses 256-bit AES encryption with a key that it generates from the ‘Pass Phrase’ you supply.

Encrypting Your Message

Begin by typing a Pass Phrase into the first textbox marked “Pass Phrase”. The Pass Phrase is used to generate your encryption key. Longer pass phrases are better and the best pass phrases include intentional misspellings. For example a good pass phrase would be “We never seem t0 have enough $4fun”. Pass Phrases are case and punctuation sensitive so remember exactly how your spell it so you can make sure your receipient has the pass phrase exactly as you created it. If you’re in a crowded room you can choose to hide your Pass Phrase while you type by choosing “Hide the Pass Phrase” from the Tools menu.

Next type your message into the Message box below. You can also cut and paste a message into this box if you’re transmitting part of a Word document, etc.

Finally, press the “Encrypt & Copy” button under the message. This will encrypt your message and copy it to the cut & paste buffer. You may now move back to your email message or other program and paste the encrypted message. Note: the receipient will need to know the exact pass phrase you used in order to decrypt your message. Obviously, you should not email or transmit the pass phrase with the encrypted message.

Decrypting Messages

To decrypt a message you must first type the pass phrase into the top text box. This must be the same pass phrase that was used to encrypt the original message. Paste the encrypted message into the message box below. Then press the Decrypt button to see the original message.

A Note About Instant Messengers

Most instant messengers have a length limitation on the size of a message. Your encrypted message will become corrupted if the whole message is not recieved. So be careful you always get the end of a message. We suggest you use email if your messages are two long. In addition, many instant messengers support “emoticons” when you type certain letter combinations like “LOL”. Encryption pad attempts to recognize and compensate for emoticons but we may have missed one or two. Let us know if you discover a combination we’ve missed that prevents your encrypted message from getting through.

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