Dicale Anti Theft Encrypting Security for Windows

A strong file encryption solution
Dicale Anti-theft is an application created to help you encrypt and protect certain files. Nobody without the valid password can access your vault. It also allows you to hide files invisibly by setting up your personal vault even if you share PC with others. Moreover, it offers a convenient password reset option in case users forget their password. Anti-theft acts as a protective umbrella against current soaring privacy leaking and identity theft.

Here are some key features of “Dicale Anti-Theft”:

· Strong file encryption
· Hide your important files in password-protected vault. Malicious intruders or hackers would never reach them, for even the slightest chance to crack the strong 256-bit Advanced Encryption Algorithm (AES) hardly happens.

· Hide files against identity theft
· Files hidden in the vault is invisible, which can effectively keep identity theft, hackers and other malicious intruders off.

· Reliably secure your files
· Provide reliable security for your personal files. Your data remains private even if your PC is accidentally lost or deliberately stolen

· Password protect folders known as vaults
· The vault you create is just like a folder except that it requires personal password so that anyone without the valid password will fail to get access to your personal document and sensitive data.

· Transparent to the users
· The simple and intuitive interface makes it very easy to transfer files to a password-protected vault. No special technique is required.

· Create multiple vaults as you want
· Creating multiple vaults per computer is realized, hence, personal information is protected when one computer is shared by more than one user.

· Integration with other computer security software
· Anti-theft file encryption software is in high compatibility with most other PC security software so you can easily install and use it.

· Password reset
· You can easily get access to the password-protected vault by answering several verification questions in case you forget your password.


· 30 days trial

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