DigiSecret PRO Encrypting Security for Windows

DigiSecret PRO is an easy-to-use, secure, and powerful application for file encryption and sharing.
DigiSecret PRO is an easy-to-use, secure, and powerful application for file encryption and sharing. It utilizes strong and time-proven encryption algorithms for creating encrypted archives and self-extracting EXE files and for sharing files with your associates and friends.

DigiSecret also includes powerful and intelligent file compression; you no longer need zip files when you have encrypted and compressed DigiSecret files. The program is integrated with the Windows shell, and you can perform operations on files by right-clicking on them. It also fully supports drag-and-drop operations.

DigiSecret PROmakes the process of working with files and archives very simple. Its intuitive interface allows you to create or read secure archives in a matter of seconds. You can add or delete entire folders or individual files to/from your archives, modify them, or manage multiple archives.

You can also share sensitive information with your associates who don’t even have DigiSecret installed – all one needs to know is the passphrase, which protects the self-extracting archive. After the correct passphrase is entered, the files or folders will be extracted from the archive automatically.

If the recipient of the information is online and you have previously agreed upon the passphrase, DigiSecret PRO will help you transmit the information securely. The two computers will establish connection; the data will be encrypted and sent to the recipient and automatically decrypted. You no longer need to worry about your information being intercepted-it would take the most powerful computers millennia to retrieve the information without knowing the passphrase.

DigiSecret PRO also takes care of permanently erasing files or folders that you wish to remove. The files are deleted and overwritten several times to eliminate every possibility of recovering the information.

DigiSecret PRO was developed and compiled outside of the USA, has no back doors or escrow keys, and is not subject to US export restrictions. Files are encrypted using the most reliable encryption algorithms that have resisted any form of cryptanalysis by the best mathematicians in the world: CAST (128-bit key), Twofish (256-bit key), Blowfish (448-bit key) and Rijndael (also known as AES, 256-bit key).

The fast proliferation of information technology exposes private data to breaches of confidentiality. Unfortunately, most of the encryption tools for individual and commercial users available on the market today are unable to provide the level of encryption sufficient to protect you from eavesdropping due to weak, easily broken security or general unawareness of the problem. If you don’t use strong encryption, sensitive information can be easily stolen from your computer, intercepted by your Internet Service Provider, hackers, government, or global surveillance networks.

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