Digital Vault Encrypting Security for Windows

Digital Vault data encryption software – get serious about protecting your data
Digital Vault is a useful data encryption software that will protect your data.

Digital Vault encrypts, hides and password protects your private files and folders from others on your PC or Laptop. The simple drag-and-drop interface lets you protect your files quickly and easily.

You can also use Digital Vault to protect your mobile data on USB Flash Drives, Memory Sticks and Removable Hard Drives. You can even easily email encrypted files which can be opened by the recipient with the free Digital Vault Reader.

Safeguard Your Privacy
Computers often contain sensitive data. Whether you share your computer with family members or are on a network that others have access to, Migo Digital Vault keeps your personal data private. Utilizing high-level 256-bit Blowfish level encryption and password protection tools, securing information so that others are unable to access it is now easy and reliable.

Prevent Identity Theft
Hackers and identity thieves are finding ever more clever ways to hack into systems and access information. With Migo Digital Vault your data remains encrypted and protected, even if your laptop or removable device is misplaced or stolen.

Communicate Securely
Like a postcard, your email message is visible to everyone involved in transporting it to its intended recipient. To safeguard its content, Migo Digital Vault can apply encryption and password protection to individual files, allowing them to be sent as email attachments securely over the Internet.

Encrypt to Removable Media
Besides its ability to encrypt data on fixed hard drives, Migo Digital Vault also supports encrypting external media data, providing an added level of security for storing and exchanging sensitive information. Migo Digital Vault also supports portable media devices, allowing you to protect your files on USB pen drives, removable hard disk drives, Zip drives, and more.

Easy Vault Management
Migo Digital Vault is extremely easy to use. Simply install and set up as many password protected vaults as you need. Add files and directories to your vault using the simple drag-and-drop interface. To make changes to secured data simply double-click to unprotect the file or directory, edit and save any changes made. Lock your vault and rest assured that your private information remains private.
Here are some key features of “Digital Vault”:

· Easily Encrypt, Hide and Password Protect an Unlimited number of Files and Folders
· Create Multiple Vaults with Individual Passwords
· Strong 256 bit Blowfish Level Encryption
· Create Vaults on Removable Media such as USB Pen Drives and Removable Hard Drives to Secure you Mobile Data
· Create Vault Backups in Case of System Failure
· Right Click Encrypt/Decrypt Individual Files
· Email Encrypted Files which can be safely opened by recipient with Digital Vault Free Reader


· Intel Pentium (or equivalent) 300MHz processor
· 128 MB of RAM
· 10MB of Available Disk Space
· CD/DVD ROM drive
· Internet connection required for product activation and updates


· 15 days
· Nag screen

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